Dressage Whip - Crystal Elite - Super Horse Saddlery

Dressage Whip – Crystal Elite

Dressage Whip – Crystal Elite

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The Crystal Elite dressage whip is perfect for the show ring.
It features a black shaft with clear crystals embossed around the handle.
Available in a 110cm length, it provides that extra reach during flat work,
while also complying with EA dressage rules and regulations.

Fits perfectly in the Super Horse protective whip bag.



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Additional information

Weight .090 kg

Black with crystal embossed handle

3 reviews for Dressage Whip – Crystal Elite

  1. maggiegreen081

    I just got my two dressage whips and bag, The whips are very elegant, they are great quality and exceptional value. I am very happy with my purchase.

  2. jazzcolby63

    This is my best bargain yet, It is great quality and I love the look of it, very stylish. I will be buying another

  3. cmjames222

    This is a very stylish dressage whip at a bargain price!!

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