Privacy Policy - Super Horse Saddlery

Privacy Policy

At we understand about the importance of keeping your details private.

We do not give out, sell or swap your personnel details to any third party.

Super horse saddlery only uses customer details to:

  • Identify your order
  • Send you relevant information about our site
  • For promotional reasons
  • To personalise your shopping experience with us

Super Horse Saddlery abides by the Australian Privacy and Personnel Information Act and it is not in our policy to share any customer details with any other third party.

The only time information may be shared is for security and verification purposes, which also ensures your safety as a customer.

Super Horse Saddlery reserves the right to make amendments to this privacy policy at any time.

If you would like to comment on this privacy policy, please contact us on 02 6581 5498 or leave a message on the contact us page of this website.