Deluxe Horse Grooming Kit-9 Piece-Royal Blue - Super Horse Saddlery

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Super Horse Saddlery

deluxe grooming kit - 9 piece
Blue Hoof PickSquare Mane and Tail Brush BlueSoft Grip Dandy Brush BlueSoft Grip Face Brush BlueSoft Grip Curry Comb Bluesoft-grip-body-brush-blueBlue super spongesweat-scraper-blueDeluxe Grooming Bag- black with blue trim

Deluxe Horse Grooming Kit-9 Piece-Royal Blue

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This deluxe nine piece grooming kit is an essential item for all horse owners.

All items in this set are designed with  soft feel rubber handles,

that ensures your hand is comfortable and has optimum control.

It consists of:

  1. Super Horse grooming bag
  2. Dandy Brush
  3. Body Brush
  4. Curry Comb
  5. Hoof Pick
  6. Face Brush
  7. Sweat Scraper
  8. Mane and Tail Brush
  9. Thick Super Sponge
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